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Vote YES

Our public schools are woefully underfunded. Tallahassee has not abided by our Florida Constitution that states, “Adequate provision shall be made by law for a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality education”. As such, Hillsborough County is in a pickle and has $1 billion in deferred maintenance costs. We need leaders like me in Tallahassee who will send home the appropriate funds to adequately fund our schools, and we also need this referendum to pass. 

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce endorses this Referendum:

"In alignment with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce's guiding principle on workforce development, our business community is committed to partnering with stakeholders and policy makers to advocate for adequate resources to help recruit, develop, and retain talent in Hillsborough County. This initiative requires support from multiple funding sources and elected officials, and to help satisfy those critical funding needs the Chamber supports the education referendum."

See TBT and SOS for more information.

The very last item on your ballot is Referendum 3, not to be confused with Amendment 3. Even if you confuse the two, it's ok because I am voting YES on both!