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Pod Cast Interview with TeacherVoice


  • Graduation rates are the highest in ten years, but they are still lower than the national average and Florida ranks #37. 

  • Total FEFP funding is $7,408/student, which has decreased over the last 6 years after counting for inflation.

  • Base Student Allocation increased only 47 cents per student when last year's increased by $43/student. 


  • Wages have been too stagnant for too long for the working class. We need to provide purchasing power for Floridians. 

  • Create jobs by investing in infrastructure.

  • Attract businesses to Florida.

Arts and Culture

  • Florida's grant programs have been slashed almost 90%, from $25M down to $2.6M, yet for-profit tourism received $76M in subsidies.

  • Reducing art and cultural funding will also reduce

    • social, spiritual, and educational benefits 

    • jobs

    • the ability to attract potential businesses.

  • The Tampa Bay area deserves better.


  • Climate change is real and Florida, especially the Tampa Bay area, is vulnerable to its affects.

  • More sun energy in the Sunshine State! It's clean, reliable, and sustainable. 

  • No fracking or drilling offshore. I oppose compromising the integrity of our ground especially when we have unlimited solar energy above.

Gun Safety

  • I promote gun safety and a decrease in gun violence. Universal background checks on all firearms sales are a must.

  • Limitations on high-capacity magazines containing many rounds should be considered.

  • Everyone deserves to be safe. We need to find a balance for all law-abiding citizens.